Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Tuition (New Intake : January 2011)

Class will start on 4th of January 2011, 


Small group concept and one-to-one coaching, it is the most exclusive form of private coaching that you'll ever find. The tutor in this case would devote 100% of her attention to the student for the entire duration of the session. Often times, the tutor will be so attuned to the student's learning habits and skills that the teaching process is customized for maximum understanding and retention.


Close and personal attention. Dedicated attention compared to large classes in schools and tuition centers.
Maximum 7 students for each lesson.
• Location : No 11, Jalan 3/39, Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang.

Subjects : Math form 1,2,3
                  Science form 1,2,3

FOR ENQUIRIES : Contact Miss Khalilah (019-4737645)

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Perkongsian hati

Apabila anak-anak sudah punya kekasih hati, mereka akan meninggalkan ibu dan ayah. Apabila anak-anak sudah punya kerjaya mantap, mereka akan meninggalkan ibu dan ayah. Hanya 1 sahaja yang dapat mengikat mereka dengan ibu dan ayah iaitu AGAMA kerana AGAMA menuntut anak memberi nafkah kepada ibu bapa, menziarahi ibu bapa, melayani ibu bapa dan mendoakan ibu bapa. Rugilah ibu bapa yang tidak memberikan AGAMA kepada anak mereka. Moga Allah mengurniakan kita zuriat yang beriman dan beramal.